The Clandestine Lovers’ Guide to Chennai

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August 20, June 30, Madras and medicine were synonymous. Way back in , the first British hospital in India was set up at Fort St.

Apr 10,  · One day Chennai to Tiruvannamalai tour includes the best destinations of Tiruvannamalai Spend you full day exploring the ancient town’s rich history, culture and incredible sites. This ancient town was known since the Chola period from to AD/5(3).

Not just that much. The fashion and boutique industry in Chennai is growing tremendously and successfully. No matter how many times you visit a place, you may tend to miss some of the best places in a whisk. There are a lot of places you might have wanted to visit, but thought it was way too high in terms of cost or the looks. Here we are to tell you to check out the must visit boutiques in Chennai that have been amazingly prominent for its own style and type of clothing.

Here are 7 must visit boutiques in Chennai. Top Famous Boutiques in Chennai 1Anokhi Having the roots of Jaipur, the founders of Anokhi are the enlightened clientele of crafts and art. Anokhi has a blend of both contemporary sensibilities and a tinge of excellent traditional value added to it. The designers seek a beautiful strike of colorful clothing with embroidery techniques to keep in pace with the growing trend and demand of the customers.

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It is situated at the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. Spread over an area of about sqkm and still growing, it is the biggest industrial, commercial centre, and a major cultural, economic and educational centre in South India. It is today India’s fourth largest metropolis with an estimated population of 4.

Romantic Places In Chennai – The Perfect Dating Spots! fly kites and enjoy a pony ride with their loved one. It is a perfect place to spend a romantic cum peaceful day. Source 2. East Coast Road an adventurous day can be spent at MGM Dizzee World, and fun boat rides can be availed at Muttukadu Boat House. Source 3. Theosophical Society.

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One day trip to Nandi Hills – Nandi Hills

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Stations are more functional in nature and have provision for future commercial exploitation.

Chennai has amazing places to wine and dine and some of them offer the best views ever. Whether it’s a rooftop, indoors, or overlooking the sea, these spots have awesome ambiance, perfect.

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Romantic Resorts & Couple Holidays near Chennai

Best Picnic Spots In India If you are looking for some quality time with your family or friends, Chennai would be a good option for its brilliant beaches, beautiful temples and post card pretty tourist places. The best part is that you can extend your holiday to some of the places nearby that are easily accessible to make your holiday in Chennai different from the regular fare. Here are some of the tourist places that are worth exploring in and around Chennai. Mahabalipuram The famous rock cut temples of Mahabalipuram is only 53 km.

A renowned sea port during the reign of the Pallava, Mahabalipuram stands testimony of the exquisite temple architectural styles that thrived during that time.

Chennai is one of the few cities in India to be known for the gracious approach towards everything. The clear blue sky, big parks, places of historic interest and long sandy beaches are a few of the many attraction that the city can offer you the best places for one day trip near Chennai.

The six ex-paratroopers were working as mercenaries for US maritime company AdvanFort to protect ships from Somali pirates when they were arrested after entering Indian waters in October They were jailed for five years in January for ‘importing guns for jihadists’ — although the punishment was branded a ‘miscarriage of justice’ by their families and politicians in Britain.

John Armstrong pictured, with his mother Helen and father John will miss Christmas away from his family, stuck in an Indian hellhole jail They were all sentenced to serve five years in Puzhal Central Prison, Chennai, pictured , where they are said to have to go to the toilet ‘in a hole in the ground’ If they fail to quash their convictions they face four more years behind bars at Puzhal prison, home to 3, inmates including murderers and rapists, in Chennai, formerly known as Madras.

Armstrong’s brother, Joanne Thomlinson, from Wigton, Cumbria, said: These days are a bit harder for John and the others to get through. The whole thing is an absolute tragedy. So many parents, children, brothers and sisters, wives – just completely lost while their loved one suffers in prison. The charges were initially quashed when the men argued the weapons were lawfully held for anti-piracy purposes and their paperwork, issued by the UK Government, was in order.

But a lower court reinstated the prosecution and they were sentenced to five years in jail. Their families say the ‘Chennai Six’ are being held in ‘horrendous’ conditions, sleeping on concrete floors, in sweltering heat with inadequate water, prison meals of ‘curried slop and rice’ and poor sanitation, with toilets being a hole in the floor.

Tamil Nadu

Mumbai is a beautiful city where almost three parts of the city is surrounded by the sea. That does make it a wonderful place altogether to go for a walk with your loved one or for a small gateway together. The city will offer you loads of places, very romantic, to go with your loved one and spend a few hours. The sea itself paves way for a lot of beautiful viewing and what more do you require when your favourite person is right by your side?

Marina beach in Chennai is the place where both these moments are absolutely magical. With golden sand beneath your feet and sea breeze brushing past your hair, Marina beach is one of the most romantic places in Chennai where you can fall in love all over again.

Living expenses do vary enormously, and I can’t help a lot, as the kind of life you want to lead here is way, way outside my experience. For instance, they type of house you are looking for will cost you three or four or more times my entire monthly budget! On the other hand, with the exception of that luxury house and pool, everything in chennai is going to seem absurdly cheap to you if you are coming here on an ex-pat salary.

If it is a local salary, then you will have to change your expectations radically but assuming it is a senior, well-paid position, or why would they be bringing someone from abroad you will certainly be able to manage a comfortable but perhaps not luxury life. This is a culture in which people get married. That’s a broad statement, and things are changing fast among the young of Chennai.

You may find that you are able to date colleagues if you are working in a very progressive industry:

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