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A New York court case descended into farce yesterday, after a police narcotics expert clashed with a street-wise defence attorney over the meaning of words ‘yak’ and ‘scud’. Both words were used in a surveillance recording of year-old Layne, who is accused of being the head of notorious Harlem gang Goons On Deck. A surveillance recording captured Layne talking to associates from Rikers prison ‘Choir girl’: Afrika Owes was convicted of conspiracy and weapons offences He and four other members of the th Street gang are facing charges relating to drug dealing and weapons offences. Layne, already in prison on other convictions, was recorded talking to associates from a payphone in Rikers prison. It was during these conversation that Layne used slang terms, and the meanings of these terms led to the bizarre and amusing sparring match between Detective Alfred Hernandez, of the NYPD drug enforcement task force, and Layne’s lawyer Frank Rothman. Detective Hernandez told the court that ‘yak’ was a rhyming code for crack cocaine, while ‘scud’ referred to marijuana But Mr Rothman had a far more innocent translation, saying that his client was merely referring to alcohol and women. Mr Rothman said that, in Layne’s world, ‘yak’ was a contraction of cognac. He added that ‘scud’ referred to ‘a female who appears to be attractive from a distance but who isn’t, close up’. At one point, Mr Rothman seemed to suggest Detective Hernandez was behind the times by asking:

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She has appeared in over 30 independent films and has been touted as the modern day Diahann Carroll. Born to a Jamaican father and Filipina mother, this JamaicanAsian sensation breaks all of the rules and pursues acting strictly for the love and art. A professional actor since adolescence, Chyna Layne has done over 30 independent films, two national commercials and makes her HBO debut in the made-for-television movie, Life Support, directed by George Nelson and executive produced by Jamie Foxx and Queen Latifah.

As a child, it was through her late Uncle Neville that she was first introduced to her true love: Whether it was a story from back home in Jamaica or an impersonation of Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, his skill of storytelling, was a gift that, out of all his nieces and nephews, he would only pass on to Chyna. Indeed, it was love at first sight.

Yet the director Lee Daniels (who produced Monster’s Ball) has a sense of humour to leaven the sense of outrage, and within the crew of classmates – Stephanie Andujar, Chyna Layne, Amina.

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Chyna Layne

Share this article Share The elderly woman’s husband Fred Layne wept in court as his wife was shackled and taken away by officers. Layne struck grandson Jonathan Hoffman with six of ten shots fired over a six-minute span on May 18, During the two-week trial, the jury heard a recording of the year-old’s desperate call to and even more shots while he was on the line.

Apr 05,  · “Meanwhile! Blanc chyna sittin’ gettin’ surgery and I’m sipping on flat tummy tea like its pink moscato! And me and Rob still fat!” Iconic. Lol I love tf outta her.

She broke down more barriers than any other wrestler and changed history not only in sports but in television forever. She was someone who very few thought would be a success, but she quickly showed everyone just how extraordinary she really was. In Chyna was just making her way to the big time. Chyna was not expected to be a success.

She was brought in as a monster, an enforcer and after her first live television appearance, everyone was talking about the woman known simply by one name, CHYNA! All of a sudden, Chyna became one of the most marketable women in wrestling. As her popularity increased so to did her role with the WWE. Chyna soon went from being the silent body guard who helped Shawn Micheals and Triple H win their matches with a body slam or massive right hook to a woman who was an equal athlete to the men she fought.

Chyna’s skill and power was put on display in this match, but it wasn’t until that Chyna would go from being a bodyguard to a full fledge wrestler.

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Also with Gabrielle Union, Columbus Short, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Cedric The Entertainer, Tammy Blanchard, Norman Reedus, Jill Flint, Chyna Layne and Albert Jones. Directed by Darnell Martin. [].

Wednesday, August 29th, Battleship: Back in the day, all it took to play the Battleship guessing game was a pencil; illegally mimeographed sheets of papers replicating the grids on the Milton Bradley board; and a folded-over checker board to prevent cheating. It provided simple, time-consuming and free fun on a rainy day. Today, of course, the game is a staple of computer gaming and anything but free. In Hollywood, the good guys always win, but not without a struggle.

It works, if only fitfully. Is it a coincidence that the inner workings of the alien battleship so closely resemble the start-up screen on an Android phone? The only way it could have been less appropriate is if co-star Rhianna had been asked to sing it, instead of using the original John Fogerty version. The critics have always favored silent classics, but this one came straight out of left field.

Why stop there, though? Both provide a captivating cinematic experience and are now readily available in DVD. Mann Page and Edward T.

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Her accomplishments have gone far beyond the wrestling ring and far beyond anyone’s expectations. Before exchanging body slams, modeling for top magazines and guest-starring on hundreds of shows, Chyna was a shy girl who was born in Rochester, New York. She spent most of her childhood in a home filled with alcoholism and domestic problems. She found her escape through working out, and began doing aerobics and lifting weights at a gym near her home.

Chyna Layne as Rhonda Patrice Johnson; Amina Robinson as Jermaine Hicks; Xosha Roquemore as Jo Ann; Aunt Dot as Toosie, Mary’s mother and Precious’s grandmother. Edinburghs tenements are much older, dating from the 17th century onwards, and some were up to 15 storeys high when first built, which made them among the tallest houses in the.

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The Sands of Time is probably the best video game adaptation to date. Like the others, Prince of Persia is not a great movie; it rises to the top of the heap, perhaps, because of the amount of money Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer threw at it in search of another Pirates of the Caribbean. These elements, set against the backdrop of ancient Persia, could make for some exciting action sequences in a feature film.

But not in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, because director Mike Newell has little idea of how to shoot an effective action sequence: This drains the action scenes of any suspense let alone comprehension , and since they occur so frequently, the midsection of the film becomes a real slog to sit through.

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Based On The Novel By Sapphire; however, the title was later altered to avoid confusion with another film entitled Push. Due to the mature subject matter of the film, it was rated “R” by the Motion Picture Association of America MPAA in the United States, specifically for strong depiction of “child abuse including sexual assault, and pervasive indecent language”.

However, the film holds the record as the highest grossing picture to open in fewer than theaters, and holds the record for the highest grossing average per screen for films shown in fewer than 50 theaters. Precious received favorable reviews from film critics, particularly for Sidibe’s and Mo’Nique’s performances. Blu Rain as “disarming.

Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire’ First-time screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher did yeoman’s work turning Sapphire’s graphic, idiomatic novel into a coherent and inspiring story about the journey of an abused Harlem teenager.

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In season he started dating Detective Daniels and continued doing so until the beginning of season when they started having problems and eventually broke up. Actor known for Major Crimes, The Closer, Falling Down, Spy Game, The Insider Find this Pin and more on Chyna Layne by Afro Starz. Major Crimes, which replaced/spun off from.

Plot[ edit ] A. On her first day, she meets Gibson Zach Steel , the goofy counselor, tutor, and therapist of the A. Farm, as well as Olive Doyle Sierra McCormick , a girl with an eidetic memory , and Fletcher Quimby Jake Short , an artistic genius but is otherwise quite dim who falls deeply in love with Chyna when they first meet. After quickly becoming friends, they proceed to go on multiple adventures, using their talents to their advantage. She proceeds to bully Chyna, thinking of her as competition in being the star of the school.

Chyna’s older brother, Cameron Carlon Jeffery , attempts to avoid Chyna in high school as much as he can, afraid she will be an embarrassment to him.

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Chyna is a true humanitarian and has served in the US Army ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) and the Peace Corps, helping to teach illiterate third-world children to read.

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Chyna Layne, co-star of the touching drama Precious