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Like on Anonymous actually, the vast majority of women prefer average sized penises, hence why the human penis is that size. Like on xxx On a porn site, I saw a series of films of women riding an orgasm machine — a saddle-like thing that had a vibrating dildo attached. These ladies were having incredible orgasms. It made me think: If the idea was to create an orgasm machine, why would the dildo be average-sized and not big? Keep in mind that this was just one series of films. Maybe there are other films of this machine fitted with a big dildo.

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Jan 19,  · Anonymous said I think maxim 46, about the moonbat leftist is the most insidious development in culture, as it subtly undermines traditional concepts of identity and leaves us without clarity and : Hawaiian libertarian.

Women, the most responsible teenager in the house. All other moral considerations are secondary. If you plan on cheating and subsequently get caught, act chateau heartiste online dating a total dick chatrau did nothing wrong. The two fundamental propositions are male choosiness and female abundance. It violates the natural order of things, and leaves its practitioners emotionally twisted and in a constant mental race to hyper-rationalize their ukrainian men dating black women mate choice.

The rare older woman-younger man pairing is like chateau heartiste online dating lab onlie gone wrong.

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And I can’t wait to see the movie Blue Valentine. Women desire men of better quality than themselves. Women are turned on by displays of male power. Whenever an attractive girl tells you she hates assholes, or describes her experience in the past dating assholes and claims to avoid them now, or recites a laundry list of asshole-y things guys do that she disapproves of, you can bet your weight in gold bricks that she wants you to be an asshole to her.

Never trust a woman who is missing a sense of humor. Your girl will thank you for your steadfast devotion to your belief in yourself.

Sex, Race, and Politics in Online Dating. Friday, January 31, By Sharad Goel With Valentine’s Day two weeks away, there’s still plenty of time to find your soul mate. But daters beware: nearly 50 years after the Supreme Court ruled bans on interracial marriage unconstitutional, race still matters.

Women desire men of better quality than themselves. Women are turned on by displays of male power. Whenever an attractive girl tells you she hates assholes, or describes her experience in the past dating assholes and claims to avoid them now, or recites a laundry list of asshole-y things guys do that she disapproves of, you can bet your weight in gold bricks that she wants you to be an asshole to her.

Never trust a woman who is missing a sense of humor. Your girl will thank you for your steadfast devotion to your belief in yourself. Always assume she is a slut. It helps kick the legs out from under the pedestal you will be tempted to put her on, and it is more often than not true. The greater the age difference between the older man and the younger woman, the tighter his game will need to be, barring compensatory attributes money.

Marriage is a social mechanism designed to exchange sex for indentured servitude. Calling a girl out on her lie accomplishes nothing.

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Owing to its theme, I feel duty-bound to alert the CH readership to this very good post examining the interaction between technology and female hypergamy, over at a blog named Selonomics. In the simulation, men make their mate selection decisions by minimizing over the age of their prospective partners, whereas women maximize over the status of the men in their accessible vicinity.

In summation, I found the following: There is a strong outcome asymmetry in preferences between men and women when it comes to selecting a mate. The positional trait social status in this case , when amplified by both technology and the freedom to use those technologies, i.

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Aspirational pursuit of mates in online dating markets Romantic courtship is often described as taking place in a dating market where men and women compete for mates, but the detailed structure and dynamics of dating markets have historically been difficult to quantify for lack of suitable data. In recent years, however, the advent and vigorous growth of the online dating industry has provided a rich new source of information on mate pursuit.

We present an empirical analysis of heterosexual dating markets in four large U. We show that competition for mates creates a pronounced hierarchy of desirability that correlates strongly with user demographics and is remarkably consistent across cities. We also find that the probability of receiving a response to an advance drops markedly with increasing difference in desirability between the pursuer and the pursued.

Strategic behaviors — aka GAME — can help a man attract a higher quality girl. Depends on your definition of success. First, mate selection studies agree that there is a universal ideal of high sexual market value SMV, measured as youth and beauty in women and as a combination of traits in men: It is a common observation that marriage or dating partners strongly resemble one another in terms of age, education, physical attractiveness, attitudes, and a host of other characteristics.

One possible explanation for this is the matching hypothesis, which suggests that men and women pursue partners who resemble themselves. This in turn implies that people differ in their opinions about what constitutes a desirable partner or at least about who is worth pursuing.

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I have a theory that most men prefer slim women partly because dating slim women is higher-status (in most circles) than dating fat women. This would explain why April Flores has market share without negating Heartiste’s point that almost all men prefer to date thin women.

What separates the manipulative woman from the endearing sweetheart is something more than simply differences in innate characteristics: Most men are happier in the office than they are at home changing diapers. Men and women are different to their cores, and feminism is a project of lies with the goal of eradicating those core differences. Do they WANT normal, good people to hate them with a fury? All the while our spirits and our bodies turn into formless pulp, manifesting our new beliefs, and we become ripe for defeat by more vital outsiders.

Miriam Lilian D Or First, he came for the Mexicans, then the Colombians, then the feminists, now beta males and infidelity. Christopher Donnellan You forgot the Russians. I wonder, did he get turned down for a date by a Russian girl?

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Friday, August 1, Wife Test: Loyalty Today marks a special day for the Ironwoods. Twenty-three years ago today, the future Mrs. Ironwood and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. We were both on the rebound from less-than-stellar long term relationships, and our mutual friend was a bartender. She thought it was an exercise in simple rebound expediency. The result was the present Ironwood family. The result of a one-night-stand gone horribly awry.

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If entirely free online dating sites are using a romantic holiday as a pretext to raise awareness instead of raise erections, you are probably a fat loser. The gina tingle is the principal chateau heartiste online dating code to which women subscribe. Make life uncomfortable for them, not yourself. If she balks, dump her.

Money, Dating chateau heartiste online dating Women. The greater the age difference between the older man and the younger woman, the tighter his datung will need to be, barring compensatory attributes.

Thanks to the id-exposing carnal house of online dating, a treasure trove of social science data has dropped, and it confirms numerous pearls of wisdom and Game techniques tenderly curated in the Chateau Heartiste Library of Love.

For about two or maybe three replies, the discussion will pertain to the topic at hand, until the thread undergoes a magical metamorphosis into yet another thread about joos. If someone doesn’t mention the jew his message isn’t true. If it ain’t white it ain’t right. You would think that pseudo-intellectual debates about a loose understanding of libertarianism and communism in the way only neckbearded basement-dwellers can present it would be humorous.

In fact, you’d think flamewars between wannabe neo-nazi boneheads and Aspie hipsters about the role of government in American society couldn’t possibly be anything less than hysterical. Under normal circumstances, it probably would be. If you are arguing with people on the internet, you might as well douse yourself in gasoline and set yourself on fire. Go run for office if you want to make a difference in real life rather than sitting all day on the computer jerking off to white men being cuckolded by large black dicks ramming tight white pussies.

Got butthurt because someone insulted Trump? Feel like you are losing your mind? Just call the other guy a shill! This instantly invalidates your opponent’s argument and keeps the battle to MAGA alive. Begging the question, of course, as to where we send our resumes, considering we’ve been doing it for free this entire time.

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How did you start your day? Maybe you woke up early for a workout. I woke up early, too — to do some swiping. Every morning, I lie in bed for 20 minutes, mindlessly sifting through an endless stream of smiling men patting tigers on their exotic holidays. You impressed someone out there even if they only looked at you for a millisecond.

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November 8, by CH “Siri, show me a sociopath. Worse, clannish psychopaths leverage their lack of empathy for outgroups to benefit their ingroup. He is a walking target, with few local allies who would rally to his side to take on the enemy. Fatty Matty is in his element. The Shitlib Zone protects him, nourishes him, coddles him, and excuses his psychopathy.

MAGAlords would have to come from far away to demonstrate to Matty what it feels like to be on the business end of the lack of empathy he has for others. And they would be swarmed once inside the Shitlib Zone perimeter.

Chateau Heartiste: If you want a good woman, you need to be racist as hell

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Fast Foods and Physical Inactivity Are Risk Factors for Obesity and Hypertension Among Adolescent School Children in East District of Sikkim.

This is a guest post by Ozy Frantz. I do not necessarily endorse everything it says, but I do contingently agree with a lot of it. Content note for profanity, social justice stuff, manosphere stuff, and graphic descriptions of sex. I trust that any debate this kicks up will be marked by courtesy and good manners on all sides, in a spirit of sincere collaborative truth-seeking — SA] I.

What is the purpose of this post? I am primarily arguing with the blogger Heartiste, as he is one of the most famous and influential writers within the manosphere, although I do briefly argue with other writers. I am also going to ignore the macro-level beliefs about how human society works, on the grounds that they are mostly derived from these micro-level observations about human sexuality and fall down when no longer grounded in them.

Chateau Heartiste: Chicks Dig Jerks: Prison Tryst Edition